Cuba: Media Attack Has Political Intention

Havana, Jan 23. -The attack on Cuba by the governments of the United States, Chile and Spain over the death of a prisoner has a marked political intention that goes away from the concern about Cubans, affirmed on Monday an editorial in Granma newspaper.This new attack has nothing to do with a legitimate concern about the lives of Cubans, the text underlined.

After explaining that the accusations are supported by financial empires such as the Spanish Prisa Group and CNN in Spanish, Granma newspaper noted that the Cuban government is being accused irrationally without an investigation that proves the reality of facts.

Neither the authorities nor the machine at the service of the media aggression confirmed the information, highlighted the editorial when referring to the death of prisoner Wilman Villar last Thursday.

Cuban doctors's humanist vocation is known worldwide since we do not spare efforts or our limited resources to save lives and improve the health of our people and of other peoples in the world, the note recalled.

Villar, who died last Thursday as a result of a multiple organ failure, had been serving a four-year sentence since 2011 for disorderly conduct, assault and contempt of authority.

However, the Chilean spokesman says nothing about the repression against students in that South American country, or about the implementation of an antiterrorist law against the representatives of the Mapuche community on strike.

It is incredible the hypocrisy of spokespersons from the United States, a country that holds a poor human rights record, the communiqué pointed out, referring to the mistakes committed in that country in death sentences.

In the United States, 90 prisoners have been executed since January 2010, while 3,200 are awaiingt their execution in the death row, Granma newspaper confirmed. (Prensa Latina)