Attack on Sevastopol will not go unanswered, Russia says

Moscow, Jun 24.-  The Ukrainian attack launched against civilians in the city of Sevastopol using US-made and -supplied ATACMS missiles equipped with cluster munitions will not go unanswered, the Russian Ministry of Defense declared.

The Ministry also stated on its official website that Washington is primarily responsible for the aggression, since all flight tasks are introduced by US specialists.

In addition, the launch of the missiles is carried out following the intelligence data provided by US satellites and drones, it added.

This Sunday, Ukraine launched five ATACMS tactical missiles equipped with cluster warheads against Sevastopol, four of which were intercepted by the air defense and the fifth exploded midflight, causing five deaths and 124 injuries among the civilian population. (Taken from Prensa Latina) (Image taken from Cubadebate)