New Times Coming to Cuba, Says Ecuadorian Vice President

New Times Coming to Cuba, Says Ecuadorian Vice President Quito, Jan 5 .- Vice President of Ecuador, Jorge Glas, said today that new times are coming to Cuba from the process of normalization of ties with the United States, which could lead to the end of Washington's blockade against Havana.

The Vice President stated that "new times are coming to Cuba, to that proud and sovereign people", and noted that the US blockade should begin to wear off.

In the Saturday work report to the nation, Glas stressed that despite more than half a century of this "illegal blockade which violates international law", the Caribbean nation has managed to develop innovation, pharmaceutical industry, tourism and other sectors.

"And althoguh they have achieved all this amid adversities, they are willing to share it with us", he said when making reference to the collaboration initiatives promoted during his visit to Cuba, in July 2014.

One of the joint projects agreed during this trip was building a bioinputs factory in Ecuador, for which they will have Cuban consultancy.

Glas added that he still has pending another visit to the island to reach a deep understanding of its tourism development, because "despite hostilities, Cuba is a tourism power". He also expressed his interest in knowing the Special Development Zone Mariel, located 60 kilometers west of Havana, which has an area of 465 square kilometers and seeks to promote development in sectors such as renewable energy, biotechnology, food industry and telecommunications. (Prensa Latina)