Camagüey Encourages the Production of Bio-fortified Varieties of Rice

Camagüey Encourages the Production of Bio-fortified Varieties of RiceCamagüey, Aug 28. – Over 100 varieties of rice have been assessed in the last seven years by the Territorial Research Center for Grains and Seeds, of the agro-industrial complex Ruta Invasora, in Camaguey province, in a bit to determine their advantages  and promote their productions.

Given the special conditions of its soils and appropriate wheatear, the Research Institute for Grains and Seeds chose the Camaguey-based centre to conduct this research, and develop bio-fortified varieties of rice.

Specialist Yicel Hurtado claimed that they selected six varieties in the Camaguey-base research centre, because of their highest levels of iron and zinc, elements which are beneficial for pregnant women and people with anemia. Through genetic improvements other crops like maize, bean and sweet potato can also receive the benefits.

Hurtado also explained that the IA-Cuba 30 variety has the best yields and nutritional contents, but also people prefer this one because of its flavour. (Radio Cadena Agramonte).