German Athletics Judge Dies Wounded by a Javelin

German Athletics Judge Dies Wounded by a JavelinBerlin, Aug 27.- The German athletics judge Dieter Strack died today due to injuries caused by a javelin in a competition in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Strack, 75 years old, was admitted in a hospital yesterday after being hit in the jugular by a javelin.

Apparently the German run to the filed in order to measure the distance of the launch when the sport implement was still in the air and hit him in the neck.

Immediately, the stadium health assistants attended Strack, who worked in a youth competition, when he was hit by the javelin, thrown by a 17 year old athlete.

About 800 spectators witnessed the accident during the traditional Games Wilhelm Unger, in which 300 young athletes participated. (Radio Caadena Agramonte)