US: No Plans for No-fly Zone over Syria

US: No Plans for No-fly Zone over SyriaWashington, Aug 15.- US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta announced today that the United States has no plans for imposing a no-fly zone over Syria, and criticized the Iranian support to Damascus' government. In a pres conference at Pentagon, Panetta referred to the White House's position over the international call made by Syrian anti-government groups to impose a no-fly zone over the Arab country.

That is not a first line Topic for us,¿ stressed the US Defense Secretary.

For his part, General Martin Dempsey, chief of the US Army Joint General Staff, warned that though Washington does not participate, Turkey and Jordan are considering imposing a no-fly zone to prevent Dasmascus' fighter jets from operating.

Dempsey also said that US top ranking military commanders remain holding talks with Jordan and Turkish, and both parties are concerned about the possible effects the Syrian conflict could spread to their countries. (Radio Cadena Agramonte)