Role of delegates in updating economic model acknowledged

Role of delegates in updating economic model acknowledgedSanta Cruz del Sur, May 24. –The concrete actions that must be carried out in order to revert to the current situation of the economy in 2011, passed by the members of the Local Assembly of the People’s Power in Santa Cruz del Sur, prove that there is a long way to go so that these actions develop properly.

Delegates play a crucial role in the fulfilment of the plans proposed for the updating of the economic model, and at the same time it is a decisive and central role since these delegates keep a tight relation with the population.

In that sense, they need to closely pay attention to the self-employment, to the tributary culture and the work relationships with the various political and mass organizations, including those activities generating incomes in order to reorganize the internal finances in the territory.

In order to, once again, carry out the ideas of our Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz: “The strength of a country and a revolution consist precisely of its capacity to understand and tackle problems”. (Rolando Canaura Sánchez / Radio Santa Cruz)