Cuban Cigar Expert Talks of Experiences

Cuban Cigar Expert Talks of Experiences Havana, Feb 23. – An octogenarian cigar expert talked of his many years of experience as a man of Cuban cigars par excellence, as part of the 13th International Habano Festival.

Cigar expert Arnaldo Bichot is still active and deserves the envy of those whoever sees his agility and willingness to work.

He retired at the age of 71, but he soon grew tired of resting and returned to work.

For this master of several generations of cigar makers, the most important thing for him is the tobacco, with its magic, discovered step by step every day, as he soon learned

For Bichot, Partagas represents one of the most significant brands.

Bichot adores the 'despalillo' process, when tobacco leaves are stripped of their stems and veins, one of the jobs prior to rolling cigars.

'Despalillo' is one of the most important stages in this industry, and the Havana festival paid a special tribute to an emblematic product in Cuba.

The meeting is not only attended by business people worldwide and executives from the Cuban tobacco company, but also cigar makers and ordinary folk who make the greatness of this product possible, organizers stated.(Prensa Latina)