Washington Has No Authority to Judge Cuba, Foreign Ministry Statement

Washington Has No Authority to Judge Cuba, Foreign Ministry StatementHAVANA, Cuba, Aug 1.- The Cuban Foreign Ministry issued a statement on Tuesday strongly rejecting Washington’s inclusion of the island on its black list of countries that sponsor terrorism, and stressed that the United States has no authority to judge Cuba given its long-time use of state terrorism against the island.

The Foreign Ministry’s statement explains that once again the government of the United States includes Cuba on its unilateral and arbitrary list with the only objective of trying to justify its hostile policy of blockade against the island and of adopting new measures to keep chasing financial and commercial transactions in a further effort to strangle Cuban economy and impose a regime serving US interests.

This time, Washington has resorted to a “new and slanderous” accusation concerning an alleged lack of actions by the Cuban banking system against money laundry and terrorism-related financial transactions, the statement reads and notes that this is all about an attempt by Washington to keep its discredited anti-Cuba policy currently in force.

The Foreign Ministry notes that the United States also tries to hide the fact that Cuba truthfully and accurately reports, on a regular basis, to the United Nations on these issues and on the struggle against terrorism.

Washington has not replied yet to a recent proposal by Cuba, on February 2012, about the possibility of reaching agreement on a bilateral anti-terrorism program, according to the statement.

The United States no longer has authority to judge Cuba given its use of state terrorism against the island, which has resulted in 3 478 deaths and 2 099 mutilated persons, reads the statement and notes that the United States has historically been a safe haven for dozens of terrorists, while five Cuban anti-terrorist fighters are being unjustifiably incarcerated or held in that country.

The Cuban Foreign Ministry stresses that the United States constitutes the largest money laundry center on the planet, and that the lack of control of its financial system was the detonator of the global economic crisis.

Finally, the Cuban Foreign Ministry urges the US administration to stop lying and to end  such shameful practice, which offends the Cuban people and discredits the international fight against terrorism. (Radio Cadena Agramonte)