Brazil, Ukraine to Launch Satellite in 2013

Brasilia, Jan 21. -Foreign ministers Antonio Patriota (Brazil) and Kostyantyn Gryshchenko (Ukraine) reiterated on Friday their plans to launch the first satellite set from the Alcantara base in Maranhao by the end of 2013.In joint conference in the Itamaraty Palace at the end of official talks, Gryshchenko and Patriot agreed on the progress of the project, which already has funding because both countries are making payments.

"The forecast is that by the end of 2013 we can do the first launch. The companies involved believe this is an irreversible project," said Patriota about the joint plan with Ukraine.

Ukrainia's top diplomat said that this issue was thoroughly discussed at the meeting and insisted that "our goal is to make the first launch in 2013 from the Alcantara base."

Patriota also mentioned his country's interest to expand ties with Ukraine in other areas, such as the aforementioned aerospace, defense, energy and health. (Prensa Latina)