Cuba Increases Efficiency in Alcohol Production

Cuba Increases Efficiency in Alcohol ProductionHavana, Cuba, Jul 19.- The modernization of five sugar cane refineries in the last few years allowed increasing efficiency in the production of alcohol and reducing costs, stated Carlos Gonzalez, head of sugar cane by-products at the Business Group Azcuba.

The executive told Prensa Latina that the volume produced by sugar cane by-product increased in 2011, while a further growth is expected for 2012.

According to Gonzalez, that product is used in the production of rums and other drinks, also in public health, pharmaceutical industry, and exports, among other purposes.

The official also said that the country works in the modernization of other four sugar cane refineries belonging to the Jesus Rabi, Urbano Noris, Arquimedes Colina and Argeo Martinez sugar mills, the first in the western zone and three remaining in the eastern provinces.

Azcuba, with 12 facilities of this kind, expects to continue the rehabilitation process to benefit all sugar refineries. (Radio Cadena Agramonte)