Cuban Film to Open Cinema Festival in Dominican Republic

Cuban Film to Open Cinema Festival in Dominican RepublicSanto Domingo, Jul 16.- Cuban film Habanastation will open the 7th International Children´s Cinema Festival in the Dominican Republic, to be held from July 18 to 25.

The festival, with venue in this capital and Santiago de los Caballeros City, will show more than 20 films, and nine of them will vie for the prize to the best film.

Films for that award include Cuban "Habanastation"; Brazilian films "Xusa Twins", "Didi Warrior", and "Lili the Ninja"; Venezuelan film "Upside-down"; Dutch films "Bon Voyage", "Storm Bound", and "Zoo Rangers in South America"; and Taiwanese film "Little Baseball Players".

As happened last year, children between 10 and 14 years old will choose the best films in various categories after being trained on cinema appreciation to be part of the jury.

According to organizers, the festival is aimed at promoting in the Dominican families, chiefly among children, a healthy entertainment, as well as encouraging the children´s love for cinema. (Radio Cadena Agramonte).