French solidarity supports Cuba in the face of external aggressions

Paris, Jul 11.-  The France Cuba solidarity association, which has conducted acts of solidarity with Cuba for 60 years, expressed its support for the island and its Revolution in the face of destabilization actions and blockade imposed by the United States.

“We renew our unconditional solidarity with the Cuban people and their Revolution, we condemn the genocidal US blockade and demand its end,” the organization stressed in a statement. France Cuba highlighted the victory of the Cuban people a year ago against riots and violent acts promoted and financed by the United States, whose government it accused of taking the aggressions to a new level in its plans to destabilize and divide Cuban society.

In this sense, he denounced that Washington is trying to take advantage of the existing difficulties in the country, which respond to various external factors, among which the entity pointed out the blockade and the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic.

According to the French association, the blockade that Cuba has suffered for over six decades attacks the country structurally, hindering its development, investments and ties with foreign partners.“The strategy in this context is clear, use dissatisfaction and frustration to generate new episodes of destabilization, using mercenaries”, it stated.

France Cuba recalled that the actions to subvert the constitutional order in Cuba have a media component, which includes the use of social networks to incite internal protests and attacks on embassies abroad, and stressed that these plans have failed, despite which, press media in Europe have joined the campaign.

(takem from Prensa Latina)