Preparation of Virtual Aggression to Syria Reported

Preparation of Virtual Aggression to Syria Reported Damascus, Jun 11 . – Enemies of the Syrian people are preparing a virtual and media action to incite revolt and give the image of the fall of President Bashar Al-Assad, a local television station reported this Monday.

Addounia channel said on Monday that the organizers of the media campaign against Syria chose June 15 to displace the local television media from their spaces in their satellite transmissions by other prefabricated.

When that happens, the source said, pirate transmissions will be on the air showing the Syrian people attacking government installations and virtual elements of the fall of President Al-Assad.

This action, it also said, is aimed to show a violent atmosphere and chaos in the country in order to confuse the people and the public opinion, and facilitate interference of foreign forces.

Recently, SANA Syrian agency, reproduced a conversation among members of the opposition, where they made a call to make a slaughter to blame the government, warning that in the next few days, there would be something on the international scenario.(Prensa Latina)