Armed Groups Feed Violence in Syria

Damascus, Jun 9. – Violencia in Syria heighten today despite its authorities express will to dialogue with the opposition that also rejects foreign intervention.

The armed bands supported from overseas keep attacking militaries and civilians to foment instability and project an image of chaos to justify Western plans to intrude Syria which is their final and true goal, reported this week SANA News Agency.

For the analysts, many Western countries wish to take the crisis to a deadline to try and sack the government of Bashar Al-Assad with a deadly aggression with a script similar to Lybia with the US, Israel and the NATO pulling the strings, something the experts claim may occur in November.

The UN special envoy, Kofi Annan, called this week "to assemble a united global front and common will to act as one because isolated efforts will not help settle the crisis."

Its escalation, violence and the violations further polarize the country, increasing fear and concern among the neighbors for the after effects and their own safety.

The recent masacre in Houla and Al Qubier seem the perfect suit of Western media that do not think twice to circulate the government and President of Syris as the bad guys and try to blame him for the manslughter.

This week, Syria Permanent Rep. to the UN, Bashar Al Jaafari, denounced some reports on cable news networks like Al Jazeera and Al Arabiya are not accurate pictures of the faults they try to blame on the government.

Curiously, footage on the newscast on Syria are always scant and confusing, and neither shot by professional journalists but rather by "amateurs" which impede to ID the origins.

They mostly originate on the Internet.

For political commentators it is evident they are fabricating a mirage, a gross and manipulated image they think reliable to justify anti-Syria aggressions with support of many who are lured by the on going drive, even allies.

The final goal, which State Secretary Hillary Clinton stated recently is to replace Bashar Al-Assad and his government with a faithful pro-west regime.(Prensa Latina)