Cuba Debates on Disaster Reduction

Havana, May 18. – Experts from different countries debate as of Friday about the prevention and reduction of disasters during a regional workshop convened by the Cuban Civil Defense.

According to organizers, the three-day forum will share the island's experiences in five decades of confrontation to weather phenomena and other events.

International agencies, among them the UN Development Program, have praised Cuba's efforts to preserve lives and material goods during the impact of hurricanes, seisms, droughts, forest fires and exotic diseases.

In addition to papers and exchanges provided for the Morro-Cabaña complex, the regional workshop offers the delegates to participate in the Meteoro 2012 drill, on May 19 and 20 throughout the country.

This is an opportunity to see in practice some actions Cuba has implemented to reduce disasters, Civil Defense sources told Prensa Latina.

The 26th edition of Meteoro 2012 seeks to raise people's preparedness and check the measures established to face up life-threatening situations, such as hurricanes, seisms and fires.(Prensa Latina)