Cuban Medical School Trains Youths from 90 Nations

Havana, May 17. – More than 80,000 youths from 90 countries have studied at the "Vitoria de Giron" Basic and Preclinic Sciences Institute in this capital, an institution that will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2012.

According to Dean Humberto Olivera, the historic mission of the Faculty of Medicine is to train professionals massively in Biomedic Basic Sciences, Juventud Rebelde newspaper reported on Thursday.

The objectives of the school are the development of research, the implementation of syllabuses on Medical Sciences, being a leading center for Biomedicine and the creation of the University Polyclinic model, the academic stated.

The institution, whose 50th anniversary will be marked on October 17, has an enrollment of 2,020 students in the current academic year, distributed in 30 specialties and 11 master's programs.(Prensa Latina)