Cuban President Calls to Face up Problems

Cuban President Calls to Face up Problems Havana, May 18. – Cuban President Raul Castro called to face up with persistence and systematically the complex problems existing in the most diverse economic and social affairs of the country.

During an expanded Council of National Defense and Council of Ministers

meetings, participants learned last weekend the 2011 results for the defense of the nation, according to an official release.

The ministers received information about the recovery of fuel storage capacity, the 2012 census, illegalities referring to physical planning, and the epidemiological and health situation of the island.

In the last item, Raul Castro made emphasis in the need to maintain a high rigor in the vector control campaign, Cuba's nightly TV news program reported.

The performance of medical commissions and recruitment of military service, a fact that allowed the completion of regular troops of the Revolutionary Armed Forces and the Ministry of Interior, was also discussed in the meeting.

Addressing about this aspect, Army General Raul Castro stated that declining birth requires in-depth studies on how to face the consequences of such problem in many different scenarios of society.

First Vice President Jose Ramon Machado Ventura highlighted the efforts carried out by the people under the leadership of the Cuban Communist Party and the government during last year.

Cuba continued its preparedness for the defense, amid the U.S.-maintained economic, trade and financial blockade and media campaigns to discredit the revolutionary process and destabilize the social system, Machado said.

The Cuban president called the attention about the importance of not underestimating any problem however complex it may seem, because sometimes to leave the solution of a problem for afterwards, we live with it and do not solve it.(Prensa Latina)