Cuba to Host Debates on Natural Disasters, Forgotten Diseases

Havana, May 16. – Risk perceptions due to natural disasters, sustainable development and forgotten diseases are some of the issues to be debated on Wednesday at the Tropico 2012 Convention, taking place in this capital.

 With an accummulated experience in mitigating the effects of weather phenomena such as hurricanes, Cuban experts will present the results of research works during the event.

Another issue that will capture the experts' interest is the effects of climate change on crops.

In addition, forgotten diseases such as those caused by parasites due to powerty and unfavorable health conditions are also among the topics for discussion.

Tropico 2012 is being attended by experts from over ten countries, including Belice, Argentina, Trinidad and Tobago, Haiti, Jamaica, Panama, the Dominican Republic and Honduras, in addition of Cuba.

The Convention is taking place at Havana's Conference Center from May 14 to 18.(Prensa Latina)