Cuban Ballet in Shanghai, Second Stage of a Tour for China

Cuban Ballet in Shanghai, Second Stage of a Tour for China Beijing, May 2. –  Cuba's National Ballet (BCN) arrived on Monday in the city of Shanghai, after four succesful performances in Beijing, where the Ballet had among their viewers the Minister of Culture Cai Wu and the State Councilor Liu Yandong.

In Shanghai, th BCN will dance on 4 and 5 The Swan Lake, the same piece that opened the Festival of the Arts of Beijing, in the National Grand Theater last Saturday, when the leading roles were Anette Delgado and Dani Hernandez. Then, it was dance by Sadaise Arencibia-Arián Molina and Viengsay Valdés-Víctor Estévez.

The Minister Cai and the State Councilor Yandong agreed in that venue two days later to enjoy the art of the group that manages Alicia Alonso.

On its arrival, the company was welcomed by the Cuban Consul General Ariel Lorenzo.

At the conclusion of their commitments in that eastern city, the Cuban Ballet will travel to Guangzhou, capital of Guandong province, as the final stage of this tour, where the ballet will act on 8 and 9, and will dismisse of the Chinese public.

With this tour the BCN attended an application that finally allowed a comeback in China, eight years after the previous stay.(Prensa Latina)