Cuban Labor Code to Favor Private Workers

Havana, Jun 4. – Cuba''s Labor Code, a document currently under revision, will undergo some changes to favor the non-state sector, experts on the matter stated in this capital on Monday.

Vivian Aguilar, president of the Criminal Court in the Supreme Court, noted that amid the changes taking place in Cuba's economy, labor relations in the non-state sector, above all between business owners and contract workers, should be assumed as employment relations.

Labor rights in the state sector are also inherent to self-employed workers, among them the right to work (that is, to guaranteed employment and pay according to the quantity and quality of their work), rest and protection under social security, Aguilar told the Trabajadores weekly.

According to the jurist, beyond the necessary legal work organization, self-employed workers' rights, in general, are consecrated in the legislation.

Those principles are endorsed in the Socialist Constitution, the remaining complementary regulations, and others approved by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, and the Labor Code.(Prensa Latina)