Cuba Defends Argentina’s Rights on Natural Resources

Havana, Apr 20.- Cuba reiterated its solidarity with Argentina and stated that this South American nation has the right to exercise permanent sovereignty over all its natural resources, including hydrocarbons. A press release from the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs, broadcast on Cuba's nightly TV news program on Thursday, states that international law and the decisions made several times by the UN General Assembly in that regard protect Argentina.

Argentina decided to expropriate 51 percent of YPF shares in the hands of the Spanish firm Repsol, which work on that country, on the basis of its national legislation.

YPF, originally an Argentine state-owned oil company, was privatized and sold at a price below the real one by President Carlos Saul Menem (1989-1999), as part of neoliberal measures that at the behest of and with U.S. connivance were imposed on our Americas in that period, states the note. (Prensa Latina)