Annan Reports Security Council about Syria

Annan Reports Security Council about Syria United Nations, Apr 2. – UN envoy to Syria Kofi Annan on Monday will report the Security Council on the course of his efforts to stop violence and a peaceful arrangement for that Arab country.

The meeting with 15 members of that body is through a videoconference, and coincides in time with the inauguration of U.S. ambassador Susan Rice as a president of the UN Security Council in charge of international peace and security.

This also takes place some hours after a meeting held on Sunday in Turkey by the so-called Friends of Syria group who worsened the attacks against the Syrian government when recognizing the opposition Syrian National Council as "legitimate representative of the people."

In that forum, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced the opening of millions in financial channel and technical resources in favor of anti-governmental forces.

Both decisions occurred in moments in which the UN emissary makes progress in his efforts with the Syrian government to implement of a six-item plan, aimed at achieving the end of violence and the beginning of peaceful negotiations towards an arrangement.

That plan was presented two weeks ago by Annan to Syrian authorities and after accepted by Damascus. It includes the implementation of a humanitarian truce of two-hours daily and the release of those detained, among other aspects.

The Security Council supported Annan's initiative during a statement published on March 21 and backed his efforts to the immediate end of "all violence and violations of human rights." (Prensa Latina)