Benedict XVI Greets Cubans in Apostolic Mass

Benedict XVI Greets Cubans in Apostolic Mass Havana, Mar 28. – Pope Benedict XVI greeted hundreds of thousands of Cuban and foreign visitors present at the Jose Marti Revolution Square on Wednesday to attend his apostolic mass.

The Holy Father toured the square in his popemobile and saluted the people before arriving at the altar to officiate the mass.

Shortly before arriving, believers and non-believers brought the image of the Virgin of La Caridad del Cobre, Cuba's patron saint, from Havana's Cathedral.

Benedict XVI's apostolic visit takes place as part of the Jubilee Year to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the discovery of the image of the Virgin.

Benedict XVI officiated mass in Santiago de Cuba on Monday, shortly after arriving in Cuba, the second visit by a Supreme Pontiff, after Pope John Paul II visited the Caribbean island in 1998.

Cuban President Raul Castro attended the two masses.

Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi said the Pope was deeply impressed by the welcome and people's attendance to each of the Pope's public activities (Prensa Latina)