Philippines: 300 New Species of Flora and Fauna Found

Philippines: 300 New Species of Flora and Fauna FoundManila, June 30. -Insects, spiders, reptiles, amphibians, fish, corals, barnacles, sea urchins and plants, make up the list of the 300 new genres found in the Philippines by an expedition of foreign and nationals scientists.

Local media reported that specialists from the California Academy of Sciences and the University of Philippines studied the Luzon island for 42 days and discovered novel species in the reefs, tropical forests and deep sea.

The Philippine Biodiversity Expedition 2011, which culminated earlier in June, is the first to do a comprehensive survey of all aquatic and terrestrial genres.

After completing this international mission in its first phase, botanists, entomologists, and marine biologists of the expedition helped to establish a biodiversity assessment of the country in order to contribute to future conservation decisions and policies.

They also concluded that coral reefs were threatened by unsustainable economic activity, pollution, rising temperatures and ocean acidification. (Prensa Latina)