Internauts Decry Anti-Cuban Hostility

Internauts Decry Anti-Cuban Hostility Havana, Feb 23. – The tag #DerechosdeCuba, used by internauts in Twitter to denounce the hostility against Cuba and the media silence in the face of those attacks, registered a dramatic increase in traffic because of the large number of visitors of the website.

Barely 17 minutes after the Twitter protest started, a site to demonstrate solidarity with Cuba, #DerechosdeCuba became a Trending Topic (TT) in Spain, the manner used to recognize the popularity in that social network which has over 200 million users.

From 10:00, the time set for the initiative, Twitterâ�Ös measuring tools, which assess the number of hits on a given topic in the net, marked an increase that reached 4,000, according to Cubadebate website.

Yesterday afternoon, Cuban twitter users called on internauts to express their support to the Island in Twitter and, as a result of the support given to the initiative, mainly in Spain, Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina and Mexico, the call was renewed for Friday at the same hour.

"NO to the Guantanamo Base, NO to the US blockade, NO to media terror, Release The Cuban Five, Long live #DerechosdeCuba for the Cuban Peopleâ�Ös Revolution," say some of the messages posted on Twitter.

According to the website, in this way, recent provocations against Cuba were confronted, including a meeting in the Havana residence of a US diplomat, attended by people linked to the government in Washington.(Prensa Latina)