Cuba in Press Exhibit in Belarus

Cuba in Press Exhibit in BelarusMinsk, May 5. -Cuba is taking part in the International Press Exhibit in Belarus with a series of documentary films entitled "Las Razones de Cuba" (The Reasons of Cuba).

The event, inaugurated on Wednesday at Belexpo exhibit center in Minsk, the capital, presents a good opportunity to promote Cuba's media.

Cuba has a 20-square meter stand decorated with Cuban flags and a big screen where several chapters of the documentary serial "The Reasons of Cuba" will be screened.

Cuban Ambassador Alfredo Nieves Portuondo referred to this denunciation of the US strategy to forge cyberdissidents for subversive purposes under US protection and funding.

Belarus' Information Minister Oleg Proleskovski and presidential official Alexander Radkov visited the Cuban stand.

During the event, a special lecture will also be given on Cuba's current media organizations in defense of the country's sovereignty, with versions in the Russian language on several such organizations.

Today, the Cuban stand is scheduled to join the world campaign for the release of The Cuban Five unfairly held in US prisons for over 12 years.

The International Press Exhibit in Belarus, running through Sunday, May 8, will also provide contacts with important media officials from Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, China, Venezuela, India, Belarus and Cuba, among other countries. (Prensa Latina)