Cuban Pancho Amat to Record with Andy Montañez

Cuban Pancho Amat to Record with Andy Montañez Havana, Feb 1. – The prominent Cuban musician Francisco Amat, recognized as the most talented of global treseros (three string guitar player), plans to record in 2012 a CD with the Puerto Rican singer Andy Montañez.

It is a project we did together some time ago to reflect the musical relationship between the two countries. I expect to complete it before the end of the year, Amat told Prensa Latina.

Referring to other plans, Amat mentioned the production of an album with his son Daniel, who lives in Bilbao, Spain, whose training has allowed him to achieve an authentic and genuine style to play the piano with the subtlety found in classical music.

Amat, also composer and orchestrator, said that although father and son have always collaborated on individual discs, now the CD is made by both, each with four songs. As a curious aspect, Amat highlighted the possibility of a piano-tresero dialogue in a territory where Cuban music and classic style mix.

Amat also announced as part of his plans for 2012 the realization of a CD with the Cabildo del Son, a group he founded in the 1990s.

The musician said he is in the process of terminating an instrumental album for the Bis Music label, with a DVD included, consisting of a didactic work, which explains the particular way of playing the instrument.(Prensa Latina)