Security Council Receives Elements for Actions against Israel

United Nations, Jan 19. -With information about the impact of Israeli settlements on Palestinian territories, the UN Security Council received convincing elements that support the universal demand for actions against Israel.Despite U.S. reluctance to discuss the issue in that body, UN Undersecretary General for Humanitarian Affairs, Valerie Amos, appeared on Wednesday before the 15 members of the Security Council to analyze information adverse to Tel Aviv.

Amos, who is also the coordinator of UN emergency assistance, began her account by stating that Israel's unilateral annexation of East Jerusalem and a part of the West Bank violates international law.

It is not recognized by the international community, which states that the city belongs to the occupied Palestinian territories, said the official, according to a document presented to the Security Council and distributed to the press.

Since 1967, Israel's measures have altered the status of that sector of Jerusalem, and have affected the Palestinian residential status, their access to basic services and their abilities to plan and develop their communities, she said.

All this pressures and increases the humanitarian vulnerability of Palestinians, and threatens their presence in that area, the text noted.

The document submitted to the Security Council reaffirms that the activity in those settlements is illegal and takes place at the expense of lands and construction resources of Palestinians and their development.

During her speech at the Security Council, Amos also warned about the increased violence unleashed by Israeli settlers against the local population. (Prensa Latina)