Social Summit in Bolivia Establishes New Development Agenda

Cochabamba, Bolivia, Jan 11. -The third stage of the Social Summit, which will end on Wednesday in Bolivia, has defined the main aspects of the country''s economic, political and social development, starting this year.Social organizations, trade unions, farmers and women, among others, collectively designed, along with President Evo Morales, a new agenda to deepen the process of change and the democratic and cultural revolution, during the meeting at the Piñami country house, in Quillacollo, Cochabamba municipality.

Participants discussed economic development, food sovereignty, wages, land, territories, employment, health, education, housing, communications, autonomy, security, transparency, the fight against corruption, foreign policy and integration in 15 workshops.

The meeting will establish the public guidelines and the programs on economic development and the fight against poverty in the coming years.

Minister of the Presidency Carlos Romero pointed out that the statements emerging from the meeting are now part of the mandates to design new development programs.

Romero said that a distinction must be established between short and medium-term programs, and which require feasibility studies or concurrent agreements between regions and municipalities.

In that regard, Minister of Planning Viviana Caro assured that most of the guidelines that emerged from the meeting will be included in the National Development Plan. (Prensa Latina)