76,000 Argentines Traveled to Cuba in 2011

Buenos Aires, Jan 5. -Nearly 76,000 Argentines traveled to Cuba in 2011 to establish a new record and achieve an increase of 29.61 percent compared to the previous year, the sector sources revealed on Thursday.In the recent 12 months, 75,969 Argentine passengers went to various Cuba-bound tourist poles, according to a preliminary report of the Cuban Office of Information and Promotion of Tourism for the Southern Cone.

The figure also represents an increase of 56.50 percent when compared to 2009, when the number of Argentine visitors to the Caribbean island reached 48,518.

In general, the Southern Cone last year issued 136,759 travelers to Cuba, for an annual increase of 22 percent.

Besides Argentina, in the same period, the markets of Chile and Uruguay were also highlighted by respective growth rates of 34.28 and 36.68 percent.

The consistent issuing of tourists allowed Argentina to consolidate as the eight major market for Cuba, which ended the year with a new record of more than 2,700,000 foreign visitors.

Argentina will be the Guest of Honor at the 32nd International Tourism Fair (FITCUBA 2012), which will be held from May 8-12 for the first time in Cay Santa Maria, north of the central province of Villa Clara, in which the flagship product will be family holidays. (Prensa Latina)