Syria Hopes Arab League Observers Will Be Impartial and Professional

Damascus, Dec. 4. -The government reiterated its expectation that Arab League observers will deliver a professional and impartial report that reflects the reality of the country.Jihad Makdisi, a foreign ministry spokesman, assured that the government is providing the necessary facilities for the inspection team to do its work in accordance with the provisions of the protocol signed with the Arab League (AL).

The spokesman said that the success of the observer mission in conveying the reality is also a success for Syria.

The Syrian people can find the appropriate solution to the national crisis if the incitement ends; good will, common sense, and good efforts prevail; and also if those who refuse to dialogue would become reasonable, Makdisi said.

Comprehensive reforms are a fact in the country and the solution of current problems lies in a process of updating the democratic political system, he added.

The internationalization of the crisis complicates the problem and removes the possibility of resolving the issues, Makdisi said.

The regional observer teams on Tuesday toured the town of Salqin, in the Idleb province, where they talked with residents, and returned to the slums of Baba Amro, in Homs, and al-Sabeel, in Daraa. (Prensa Latina)