All roads of the Palenque Summit led to the U.S. (+Photos)

Mexico City, Oct 24.- Whoever followed closely the important summit of 12 Latin American and Caribbean nations affected by the migratory crisis, must have realized that all the criticism involved the United States.

The fact is that, until this moment of change that humanity is going through, the community affected by the migratory exodus had not met to analyze and judge its deepest causes, and Palenque contributed in just two or three hours of analysis, not only to diagnose, but to face them with a victorious vision.

While all the analyses of the 12 leaders had the United States and its aggressive foreign policy unbefitting of the new times at the center of their criticisms, the solutions also lead to that same country, which rejects that the best thing for everyone is a good neighbourhood reltion different from that of James Monroe. (Taken from Prensa Latina)