Kim Jong Un Assumes Supreme Command of DPRK Army

Pyongyang, Dec 31. -Kim Jong Un, vice president of the Central Military Commission of the Workers'' Party of Korea (WPK), was appointed as Supreme Commander of the Army, it was officially reported on Saturday.At a meeting of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the party held on Friday, Kim´s appointment for that post was proclaimed, in accordance with the intention of former leader Kim Jong Il on October 8, according to KCNA.

Leading the revolution is Kim Jong Un, "sole successor of leader Kim Jong Il" said a resolution adopted by the party.

The document calls on all to support Kim Jong Un as the single nucleus of unity and leadership of the WPK, to defend him in political ideology at all costs, and to make clear the full power of ideologyl and politics.

Entitled "To produce a boom in the construction of the prosperous State to abide the legacy of leader and Commander Kim Jong Il," the text urges party members, officials and soldiers to fight for more and new victories. (Prensa Latina)