Cuban Scientific Achievements in 2011 Highlighted

Havna, Dec 27. -The development of environmentally-friendly materials for construction, the national production of turbo fuel, and the studies on Cuban's hydrocarbon potential, are the country''s scientific achievements during 2011.The development of therapeutic vaccines against lung cancer, the creation of a geologic map of Cuba, research projects on vulnerability and risks, are some of these results, said Vito Quevedo, director of Technology, Science and Innovation at the Ministry of Science Technology and Environment (CITMA).

Other important projects are developed in the field of nanotechnology, bioinformatics, environmental protection, social sciences and nuclear technologies.

Quevedo also stressed the need to increase the role of companies in the implementation of scientific research developed in Cuba, which is essential for the development of the country.

Innovation in the companies must be supported by scientific and empirical knowledge, said Quevedo.

The expert also announced that central Villa Clara province will host the main event on Cuban Science Day, which is marked every January 15. (Prensa Latina)