Cuban Parliament Commissions Present Annual Report

Havana, Dec 22. -The Commissions of Industry and Construction and of International Relations of the Cuban Parliament will present their report of their management in 2011 and projections for 2012.After two days of debate in the 12 permanent commissions of the National Assembly of the Peoples' Power, the working groups presented their reports in a plenary session, which includes the participation of the respective government authorities of the sector.

Besides the report of the parliamentary bodies, The National Institute of Sports, Physical Education and Recreation will also present their results.

Once the presentations are made, the scene will be ready at the Havana International Conference Center for the plenary of the Eighth Regular Session of the Assembly, in its seventh legislature.

In that forum, projects of the new Economic Plan and the State Budget Law for 2012 will be submitted to parliamentarians' consideration.

They will also discuss preliminary results of the economic and fiscal performance in 2011. (Prensa Latina)