To vote is to guarantee the future

To vote is to guarantee the futureThis is another of patriotic reaffirmation. It’s the morning of April 25th and the people form Santa Cruz del Sur, as good Cubans, vote for the rebel call that saw the light on January 1st 1959.

There are many reasons so as to vote for the capacity and merit, among many other virtues. The inhabitants of this island have spare motives to do defend the freedom conquered more than 50 years ago, and particularly from this camagueyan territory. We live long days of solidarity and support, when after the damages caused by the huge hurricane Paloma the Revolution built solid hopes and visible benefits.

Today, 15 months from that terrible event, a new district was erected at the entrance of the city, but the wishes of getting what have been lost back is still alive, because only the strength of our society can materialize each task.

There is the true Democracy!

In the current month the first great defeat of the Yankees in Latin America was recalled, because the calendar is privileged with such important dates, to immortalize glorious pages that represent the firm purpose of continuing the path taken by the previous generations and later conquered the Barbudos of the Sierra Maestra.

Attending to the polls today is to guarantee the future and to express the personal responsibility that all of us have with this social project is to give a YES to our Cuba and to condemned the media manipulations, it is to speak out loud with the strength of the truth and the ideas that the Cuban Revolution is unconquerable. (Yanayma Rodríguez Molina / Radio Santa Cruz)