Bolivian Government Reinforces Anti Drug Fight

La Paz, Dec 10. -Bolivia´s Vice President Alvaro Garcia said that the government will reinforce mechanisms to make more effective the fight against drug trafficking in the country.Questioned by press reporters about a report of the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), which mentioned operations of Mexican and Colombian drug cartels in Bolivia, Garcia referred this Friday to the statements made by UN representative against Drug and Crime (UNDC) to Bolivia, Cesar Guedes, who said that he knows nothing about that report.

Guedes said very convincing and clear that the United Nations has no official information on that topic, stressed the vice president.

Garcia said that it is a duty of the government and the intelligence services working on the anti-drug fight to reinforce their mechanisms and stay alert to collect any information that could contribute to make more effective the fight against drug trafficking. (Prensa Latina)