Algerian President Demands Revision of Draft Reform

Algiers, Dec 8. -Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika requested a revision of the draft bill on political reforms, because lawmakers have blocked the changes ordered by the president.The general secretary of the Algerian Workers Party, Louisa Hanoune, asked President Bouteflika on Wednesday to make use of his faculties to demand that the National Assembly (Parliament) hold a second reading and revision of the draft bill, and so he did.

Hanoune held the National Liberation Front and the National Democratic Group (presidential majority) responsible for having blocked the reforms proposed by Bouteflika.

Last Tuesday, the Algerian lawmakers approved a draft bill on political parties, which is being questioned because it hinders the local opposition's action and the return of the Islamic Salvation Front, which was banned in 1992.

Members of the Islamic Salvation Front also rejected the draft bill, which proposes a participation of 33 percent of women in all electoral registers. (Prensa Latina)