Fidel Castro is Book to Be Launched in Many Countries

Fidel Castro is Book to Be Launched in Many Countries Havana, Mar 9. – The book "Nuestro Deber Es Luchar" (Our Duty is to Fight), the result of a dialogue between the leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, and foreign intellectuals in February, will be simultaneously launched in many countries.

The presentation will take place on March 14 at 14:00 hours, Cuba time (19:00 GMT) and in Caracas, Quito, Buenos Aires, Luanda, Santo Domingo, La Paz and Mexico City.

Also on the list are Bridgetown, San Juan, Kingston, Washington, Madrid and Berlin, the website reported.

The text contains the revised and enlarged transcription in Spanish and English languages of a nine-hour-long meeting between Fidel Castro and a group of intellectuals from Africa, Europe and the Americas, held on February 10, on the occasion of the Havana International Book Fair.

The book is a convincing reflection on the dangers that threaten the planet and human race, stated the source, which announced the possibility to download the book from the website and the video from the Cubadebate channel in Justin.TV.(Prensa Latina)