Merkel Tries to Ban neo-Nazi Party in Germany

Berlin, Nov 28. -German Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel asked the political forces for cooperation in order to begin a process to ban the extreme right-wing National Democratic Party (NPD).Merkel considers the fact as "a historical responsibility," the Der Spiegel magazine reported in this weekend edition.

Negotiations to start a ban of the NPD began after its links with neo-Nazi group that killed nine foreigners and one German police between 2000 and 2007 came to light earlier this month.

The discovery of the neo-Nazi cell questioned German authorities´ work, who were unable to detect the perpetrators of such crimes.

In Germany there are about 10,000 members of groups who claim the Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler and that are willing to use violence, according to official statistics of the Federal Bureau of Criminal Investigation. (Prensa Latina)