IX Encounter on Organic and Sustainable Agriculture in session in Southern Camaguey

The 9th Encounter on Organic and Sustainable Agriculture will take place in Santa Cruz del Sur, at the Agriculture Headquarters, sponsored by the Cuban Association of Forest and Agricultural Techniques, (ACTAF) in southern Camaguey.The objective of the event is to select the representatives of this city in the provincial edition. To that end, five works will be presented with the following subjects: Urban and Suburban Agriculture, Renewable energy, Local Agricultural Development and Food Insurance.

Lázaro Castillo, inhabitant from Flor de Mayo Community and member of the Urban Agricultural Movement, considered one of the examples to be followed in the previously mentioned kind of farming, since his backyard is qualified as National Excellence, this Friday will have the chance to show his latest intention in the use of biogas.

The Encounter on Organic and Sustainable Agriculture will be supervised by the examination jury made up by the specialists: Miriam Richard, Doris Blake and Gloria Vera, who wil have the opportunity to send the most outstanding projects to Camaguey, according to Amalia Roa Rodríguez, President of the ACTAF in this territory. (Yamile Agrenot Castillo/ Radio Santa Cruz)