Santa Cruz del Sur students committed with just causes

With the claim of release for the Cuban antiterrorist fighters held in United States jails since 13 years ago, students from the Camilo Cienfuegos in Santa Cruz del Sur, started the celebration for the International Student Day, where many activities, including sports were carried out.

A special morning meeting was carried out on Tuesday where the 9 students of Prague Universities murdered by Hitler Nazis hordes in 1939 were recalled, as they led a historic resistance against fascism on the streets of that Czechoslovakian city, reason why this day is marked in the whole world as the student’s day.

The celebrations for the International Students Day at Camilo Cienfuegos High School continued in the afternoon with basketball, volleyball, and soccer matches between classes.

Members of the High School Students Federation (FEEM) and University Students Federation (FEU) in Santa Cruz del Sur reaffirmed the support to the revolution and the world noblest causes; they declared themselves against war and expressed their desires to live in a better world. (Iliana Pérez Lara/ Radio Santa Cruz)