Mexican PRI Approves Coalition for 2012 Elections

Mexico, Nov 17. -The Standing Policy Committee of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) approved on Thursday a grand coalition with the Green Party of Mexico (PVEM) and the New Partnership for the elections of 2012.With this alliance, the tricolor party will fight elections for the presidency of Mexico and seats in the Congress.This union will be called Commitment by Mexico, which will only operate in 126 of the 300 federal districts in the country, and in 20 of the 64 seats which will be contested in the upper and lower houses of the Senate.

With this agreement, the PRI became the second political force to formally create an alliance for the 2012 elections, after the Democratic Revolution Party (PRD) also defined its own.

The PRD will contest the elections in an alliance with the Labour Party, the Citizen Movement and the Movement of National Regenaration (Morena). (Prensa Latina)