Paraguay to Host Americas Social Forum

Paraguay to Host Americas Social ForumAsuncion, Jun 24. -Nearly 15,000 people representing 150 social organizations are expected to take part in the 4th Americas Social Forum to be held in Paraguay on August 11-15.

Members of the Organizing Committee said that main subjects to be discussed include scope and challenges of the processes of change in the hemisphere: post-neoliberalism, integration, socialism, Good Living/Living Well and civilizatory changes.

Militarization and imperial domination strategies, alternatives of resistance of the peoples and defense and transformation of conditions and ways of life against predatory capitalism will also be discussed.

Other issues will include hegemonic disputes: communication, cultures, knowledge, education; native peoples and nationalities and Afrodescendants: the challenge of plurinationality, and historical memory and justice.

Fernando Rojas, from the Non-Governmental Organization Decidamos, told Prensa Latina that several activities, including a forum on Faith and Politics, organized by the Martin Luther King Center (Cuba), will be carried our before and during the event.

The Americas Social Forum is part of the process of the World Social Forum started in 2001, which has become a bright opportunity to articulate social initiatives, develop critical thinking and construct alternatives to neoliberal order on the common belief that "another world is possible." (Prensa Latina)