El Salvador to Host Regional Congress on Pediatrics

San Salvador, Nov 10. -The 4th Meso-American and Caribbean Congress on Pediatrics will take place from November 21 to 25 in San Salvador, organizers announced on Wednesday.The meeting will coincide with the 3rd Central American Congress on Neonathology in a joint effort to agreed on regional actions and policies to fulfil the the Millennium Goals.

Among the topics to be discussed by pediatricians and other specialists are "Inequalities in the Americas: Repercussion on Infant Mortality" and "Obesity in Pediatric Age."

The agenda of the meetings includes other topics such as "Learning Disorders in Children and Adolescents"; "Handling Children in Disaster Situations", "Use and Abuse of Antibiotics" and others about nutrition, vaccines and surgery.

Another objective is to facilitate exchange of successful experiences, according to Dr. Miguel Majano, a specialist in neonathology. (Prensa Latina)