La Colmenita from Cuba and Colombia to Perform Together in Havana

Havana, Nov 8. -The Cuban children's theater company La Colmenita and its Colombian branch will perform together for the first time in "Martina, the Little Cockroach", with live accompaniment by the Youth Philharmonic Orchestra of San Cristobal, Bogota.

The children from Cuba and Colombia, led by Carlos Alberto Cremata and Jose Francisco Arroyo, respectively, will perform in the Karl Marx Theater on next Thursday and Friday, along with 60 members of the Philharmonic Orchestra.

This is a dream come true, said Cremata, who is the director of La Colmenita and who has extended this project to other countries in Latin America and Europe, including Venezuela, Argentina, Mexico and Spain.

For the Colombian girl Carol, 12, who will play the leading role, coming to Cuba has been very exciting. The people here are very cheerful, gentle, and loving, she told Prensa Latina.

The Colombian branch of La Colmenita was founded in 2009 by Jose Francisco Arroyo, who is a violinist with the Philharmonic Orchestra of Bogota, and is mostly composed by lower-class children, who learned to play instruments in workshops, with the help of a cooperative agreement between the Coopfilarmonica and the government of San Cristobal. (Prensa Latina)