Cuba to Honor Marie Curie in Nobel Prize Centenary

Havana, Nov 4. -A tribute to Polish scientist Marie Curie (1867-1934), pioneer of studies on radioactivity, will be held on November 15 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of her Nobel Prize in Chemistry.The tribute is sponsored by the Victor Hugo House in Havana's historic heart and the Embassy of France, the country where Curie developed most of her scientific activity.

A theoretical panel on the life and work of Curie, by physicist José Altshuler, president of the Cuban Society of History of Science and Technology, and other colleagues, is part of the academic program.

The program also includes an exhibition of some 20 posters and photographs that recreate periods of Curie's scientific work.

Born in Warsaw, her real name is Maria Sk Salomea éodowska-Curie and was the first person to receive two Nobel prizes.

In 1903, Curie received his first Nobel Prize in Physics for his contributions and research on the phenomenon of radiation, while in 1911 she received a Nobel Prize in Chemistry for discovering radium and polonium, the isolation of radium and a study of the nature and compounds of this element.

Curie was also the first female professor at the University of Paris. (Prensa Latina)