Chucho Valdes: Spectacular Presentation in Concert of Natalie Cole

Havana, Cuba, Aug 22.- Cuban maestro Chucho Valdes had the immense responsibility of opening the concert given by Natalie Cole on August 14 at the Hollywood Bowl of Los Angeles, the United States.

The Billboard magazine described as “spectacular and poly-rhythmic” the interpretation of Chucho and his Afro-Cuban Messengers band.

Specialist Judy Cantor-Navas told the aforementioned magazine that the performance of Valdes and his group left no doubt abut the crucial role of the pianist in the evolution of Lain Jazz. She highlighted not only Chucho’s “incredible interpretation,”  pervaded of Afro-Cuban religion and native American rhythms, characteristic of his last album, Border Free, but also the incorporation of young talents. Standing out in this regard was Dreiser Durruthy Bombale, who was “an unexpected star of the evening” after surprising the audience with his performance of three bata drums while singing in Yoruba dialect, the Cubadebate Web site reported.

In one of the moments of the show Natalie Cole recalled the emotional and professional bonds that existed between her father and late Bebo Valdes, after which she invited Chucho to return to stage. Chucho Valdes accompanied Natalie in the song Quizas, quizas, quizas, which included an arrangement by the famous pianist.(ACN)