Shrimp-breeders devise guidelines for coming working cycle

Economic results as important as the financial contribution of more than 200 000 pesos in national currency and convertible pesos(CUC), and the over-fulfillment at 122,6 per cent of the productive plan were reflected this Tuesday by workers of CULTISUR Enterprise in Santa Cruz del Sur.

In the encounter, an exhaustive analysis on the main actions carried out during the 146 days of culturing was made, and it was also debated the deficiencies and difficulties observed during such period.

The opinions focused on the importance of the application of the technical regulations, on the systematic checks of the ponds, and also on the growth of the cultured shrimps.

The guidelines for the coming working cycle were also devised, where consolidating the unit between the technicians and shrimp-breeders of the farm constitutes the main purpose, so as to achieve better productive results, favoring an economic to the country and the Enterprise. (Hugo Betancourt Mayoral/ Radio Santa Cruz)